Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Glitter Girl Costume...for me! Halloween - Trick or Treat

I LOVE~ LOVE~ LOVE~ Halloween...Candy, Sweets & COSTUMES!!
This year I decided to be Superhero...but not one already established...
I will be Glitter Girl!!! (Pink...Sparkles...Bows...AND GLITTER!!)

I start out with sketches of ideas...(and brainstorming with my Momma!)
I am not big on store bought costumes...I LOVE to make my own!
I hit my closet, donate box and thrift stores...rack my brain on creative ideas on how to make things..
What do I want my powers to be... how can I make this costume Pop!
I use a lot of Hot Glue and little sewing to make this.
I bought this awesome Vintage Pink Prom Dress at the GW for $2 (you can' buy fabric for that!)
I start cutting the dress apart...
Hi Hampton (my dog)!
I got a little girls Ballerina costume on clearance at Ross's and took it apart. (I used every bit of the material to make the tutu, trim and power cuffs).
I got tulle from fabric.com on clearance and did the tutu strips/elastic waist tutu (I have 2 tutu's)
*I bought with my Michaels 40% coupon a battery powered string of lights and sewed it to the under part of my pink tutu ($3). Now I will twinkle!!

I got a pink shirt to sew pieces of my costume to it (I want to be cool and comfortable since I wear it the Whole day) for GW for .50 cents.

I cut the sleeves from the dress and the front part of the dress I sewed the top shoulders only to my shirt.
I glued Velcro to the dress top and the shirt (so I can un-Velcro and Velcro my chest plate)

I bought a Grey Sparkle Top from GW (.50 cents) - the larger the size the more fabric
I cut the back of the shirt to make my cape. I used part of the fabric from the dress to sew the underneath part of my cape (like a pillow) and I sewed the cape to the collar of my shirt - topped with the Bow from the dress.

My Chest Plate: I wrapped my upper torso with plastic wrap.  Then I duct taped my front (to get my shape).  I cut the plastic wrap in the back the trimmed where my chest plate would be. I used foam sheets from Michael (on sale of course)... and hot clued them to the duct tape.  I cut a bowl to form the chest area. 
*To make the muscles I cut rounded triangle shapes and hot glues them to the form.

I used Glitter Foam (sticky on the other side - I did have to use hot glue for pieces that didn't stick) to make trimmings (drew on the back the shapes then cut them out)


I got sequins from the Dollar Tree & Jewels from a Garage Sale (Hot Glue VERY Carefully - Hot Glue Burns)

**My husband calls it "Hot Melt Glue"...I think that is funny :)
I put Velcro on the back of the chest plate, so it will Velcro to my shirt (if I get hot - I can un-Velcro it).

My Mask (I saw this on Penterest)...you print the mask and tape it down on the counter. Tape plastic wrap on top of that and tape down tulle on top of that. Then you trace the image with Puff Paint. Let it dry. Then pull it up and trim. (My Mask came out AWESOME!!)  - I used left over tulle and left over puff paint from previous projects) - I got the template from Pinterest - its not my template.


My LOGO - Made this with PowerPoint - printed and made it like the mask; sewed to my cape.


 I got some hand me down boots (free)...I used Foam Sheets, Girls Tights, Cereal Box, Ribbon, Clip Bows, jewels and Lots of Hot Glue. (I had the Rocky Horror Movie Playing while I made these)
-I got Foam from Michaels on Sale, Ribbon from reminisce bin, Jewels from Garage Sale, Tights from Gap Clearance bin $2 and already had sequins and Bows from Claire's ($1 each).
Cut the tights in half (waist to waist - you don't want the stockings to run, so you should be left with two pieces - I wouldn't cut them horizontal; I cut them vertical - I trimmed the pieces after I hot glue them). I put the tights over the boot and hot glued them on the top edge.

I traced the boot on a Cereal box, cut the pieces out and hot glued them to the bottom of the boot.
I shaped the foam around the top and cut a pattern - hot glue to the top of the boot.
Hot Glue trimmings.  The heel/Edge trimming is glitter foam.


I used a card board box (folded paper in half and drew half the template cut it out (snowflake idea) open it up so both sides are even) trace on cardboard and then cut.

I did the same to foam sheets. to Make 3-d layer the cardboard - LOTS of HOT Glue!

Then BeDazzle!!

I made a pocket using the ribbon bobbins, so I could put a light in the center. (The light is my Light Up Mickey Necklace from Disney World - I am determined to get my money's worth out of that necklace!) I cut the front of a pasta box (cellophane window) to use for my heart window.





The back of the Shield - I Hot Glued Scrapbook paper (already had) and glitter felt. I measure the felt over my arm so it wouldn't be too short or long for the handle.  I added a pocket for my cell phone (my theme song is A. Grande 'Put your Hands up' ring tone. - I will set alarms so the song will go off randomly during the day).  I added a pocket for my mirror, lip gloss and wand holder.  Hot glued the felt to the back of the shield.  I used a toilet paper roll for the wand holder.

My Ring
I used PowerPoint to make the template - printed and laminated.  I poked holes with a push pin and taped it to my bachelorette party light-up ring.


My Hair Pieces
Hair Combs, Hot Glue, Glitter Foam, Floral stems and glitter felt

I made a template for the shapes and cut them out.  Hot Glued the pieces together and TADA...



My Halloween Costume - Glitter Girl