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Momma and Daughter New York Girls Trip - Scrapbook Pages October 2012

My Mom and I went to New York City for a Momma & Daughter Trip
(Halloween Weekend October 2012)
We had so much fun and can not wait to go again!
Below is our Itinerary and pictures of our New York Scrapbook.

We both flew to New York and took a Shuttles to our Hotel

Momma and I always give each other little Gifts (aka Little Happy's)

I decorated out 'little' hotel room (lol) with Harry Potter theme and Pink Balloons.
Momma didn't get in till really late so I walked 5 mins from our Hotel to Time Square and ate at the Hard Rock.  I got her a salad togo (she got in at 2AM bless her heart!)

We ate Breakfast at a Deli (my first was cute and delicious!)
We opted for the Hop On Hop Off 2 Day tour to see New York.  It was really cold this weekend!!

We rode a Horse and Carriage around Central Park Just like Kermit and Miss Piggy Did...awe...

We went to Juniors Cheesecake for Official New York Cheese Cake and Black/White Cookies (Momma loved the coffee cups - I got her one for Christmas)

OMG the Toys-R-Us was huge!! We had a good time playing around the store.

Times Square! A Taxi Ride and Dinner and Serendipity (from the Movies)

Frozen Hot Chocolate YUM!! Curry Casserole & Chicken Diva (loved our Waiter...he was so adorable!)

New York Night Tour ...burr so cold! (Southern Ladies in Cold Weather)

The Night Tour was AMAZING!! So pretty and I am so glad I got to do this with my best friend in the whole wide world my momma!!

Hop on Hop Off Tour again - Shopping... Shopping... Shopping...(I finally got to use my Gift Cards I was saving)

Crazy snow storm (it never snows this time of the year in New York and we got to see it snow)
also...we got to see the protestors the News was talking all about (a MUCH smaller amount of people than what the News Shows!!)

We got to eat at one of the Rays Pizza places...the staff are such Flirts!! (We are married boys...on to the next one lol)

I had to stop at HK in Time Square for my SBFF Valerie (we walked on ice and 2 inches of snow to get there!)
*it doesn't snow where we come from! Awkward walking!
We ate at Sardis that evening (just like Kermit the frog did)

Dinner at Sardis and a show - Wicked (SO AWESOME!!!) I loved Wicked!!
Momma & Ashley at Wicked in New York Broadway
Our First Subway Ride in New York...a local resident was super nice and helped us get off at the correct exit and board another Subway (we heard that New York residents were really mean, but the rumors were so wrong! Every New Yorker we met was so NICE and VERY Helpful!! . we love New Yorkers!! Can't wait to visit again!)
I bought a tour book before our trip and read about Green Flea Market...we visited the Green Flea Market and it was so adorable!!
It snowed and we still had a great time!! Lots of treasures... I wish I had a U-Haul LOL...the ladies in the market were so sweet!!!

Momma Loves to we found a Great Yarn Shop.
Across from the Yarn shop I saw a Grocery called Zabars and I knew I had seen this somewhere before but couldn't remember.  I made momma go inside and there was a world of deliciousness.  5000 olives, pastries, name it!! I bought some red sauce to go.  We decided to get some groceries for a picnic in Central Park.
*I came across some of my favorite shows 'Friends', 'Sex and the City' & 'Sleepless in Seattle' and ZABARS was a set in the movie/show!

A Picnic in Central Park...momma and I got a kick out of us feasting on vittles while we watch several super skinny models walking in Central Park (in the south we the North everyone walks... I prefer eating!!)
Knish, Couscous, Half a Chicken Salad Sandwich, a Delicious Diet coke and Black and White Cookies...YUM!!
Picnic in Central Park - just after a snow fall... cold but worth the view!

We went on the Sex and the City Tour..SO ADORABLE!!
Our First stop was at a sex shop where "Charlotte' was in one of the shows... (what a great place to go in with your Mom lol...I made the best of it laughing at the items.. I did buy a Sex in the City collection Book of the Movie and came in the largest when I got on the bus the tour guide (aka comedian) called me out on what I bought lol... good times!
We visited the Carrie and Mr. Big Rehearsal Party site

We made a stop to Bleecker Street for 'Window' Shopping.. we were told this is where celebrities do their shopping... we didn't see any. We saw the playground where 'Brady' played with Miranda and Carrie. (I've seen this playground in Gossip magazines too).
Magnolia Cupcakes on Bleecker Street... the Cupcakes were pretty (dry cake and you can taste the powder sugar in the icing)... but being from New Orleans (NAWLINS makes Cupcakes much better!)

Sex in the City's 'Steve's' Bar - we had Cosmos just like Sex in the City

We went passed the 9-11 site several times, but we were too emotional to visit it.  We payed our respects to the fallen hero's.  Our prayers still go out to the families and friends of the victims.
An AWESOME Meal at Moonstruck Diner... this was not on the agenda... our tummies were starving and we just walked on in.  Momma got the Pesto Shrimp and I got Portobello Pasta cheeses,, eggplant & zucchini.. OMG Deliciousness!

We stopped at Bubba Gump for Souvenir's for our husbands
Momma watched one of the model shows and she couldn't wait to visit Mood and the Dog... this place was crazy with the amount of materials and buttons they sold.. We could have spent a whole day in the store!
One of the ladies we visited with from the Green Flea Market told us to take the Statin Island Ferry it goes right next to the statue of liberty (it is free too).. I am so glad we did this!!


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