Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The planning continues...Dorks from Forks trip

Since we are staying in a Cabin we plan to take full advantage of the camping atmosphere…so we are planning our recipes and shopping list…
The Packing List…I am a super packer!! I am prepared for anything and everything!! This list seems to grow and grow and my luggage is running out of room!

I am also working on a playlist for our trip..lots of Twilight Saga music to get us in the mood!

Day 3… We are planning to visit Forks, WA (Forks Outfitters, the Swan House – have a Picnic in the HOH rainforest.  There is a Sheep yarn farm across from the cabins we are staying at & we are going to try to sneak a peek. We also plan to visit La Push (Old Mill Trading Post, The treaty Line, First Beach / Ruby Beach)

Day 4…Because we are close to Canada and I have never been there (check mark on my bucket list) – We are going to Victoria Canada…bring the passports!! We are taking a Ferry to Victoria…We plan to eat at a place called Red Fish Blue Fish (I though the name was cute like Dr. Seuss) for Fish and Chip
…there is this adorable store called ‘Button & Needlework Boutique‘ just for momma…we might check out the Fountains at the Provincial Government Buildings and a short walk from downtown is supposed to be one of the most beautiful parks…Beacon Hill.
(Depending on we do with time we may take a cab ride to Hatley Castle or Fort Rod Hill. 

We will take the Ferry back to Port Angeles and while there, visit the Odyssey Bookshop (where Bella bought the book about the ‘Quileute Tribe and the Cold Ones’. We will also check out the Bay Variety Store and Armory Square Shopping Mall. 

We might cook in the cabin or we might eat at the Downriggers Restaurant..just depends on how we feel that day. 

Stay tuned to see what we have planned next!!

note: I am not taking any credit for the pictures right now, because none of them came from my camera & I didn’t take any of them ‘YET’ but I am sharing them from other web sites…so please don’t copy for retail

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